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PTERYGIUM - new album / valentine's day show

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The leaders and followers of this world are wholly united in their predictability, but such ill-fated trappings are of no concern for Melbourne based post-industrial project, Pterygium. Led solely by Henry Gillett, Pterygium is a project that takes the rocks of expectation and casts them square at the forecast that provided them. The differing faces of Pterygium, as experienced through studio recordings and live performances, are fiercely different animals.

On record Pterygium refuses to be pigeon-holed, but while not being entirely unsure of its breed. Marked by its dynamism, the cultivation of sounds simmer down into the base elements of experimental electronics. Inclinations toward soundscapes, post-industrialism and dark ambient have been the guiding sonic tropes thus far, but rarely without an overhanging cloud of power electronics dread.

In the live realm, Pterygium continues its capacity to instil fear, albeit with the addition of a deeply physical dimension. The recordings are fleshed out, vocals are added and layers of noise and static are carefully textured into a measured power electronics backdrop. But, the synonymous abrasion of the genre is given slight restraint to allow for Gillett's deeply confrontational use of venue space. Blurring the barriers between stage and audience, Pterygium's performances unapologetically permeate into personal spaces, their erraticism assuring little aside from physical discomfort and psychological antagonism.

Interest piqued? Well then, you're in luck, Bucko. Pterygium's latest offering, Stoic Ubiquity, is set for release in March 2020 on No Rent Records. The track The Regularity is being offered as a teaser here. Pterygium's next live event is coming up hot and fast at Fitzroy's The Burrow on Friday 14/02/2020, a day most commonly acknowledged as Valentine's Day, but soon to be associated with a malice more crushing than any disingenuous romantic encounter could provide. Performing alongside Pterygium is the painfully seductive Military Position and the darkened shreddings of Worgor. It's fair to say, without fear of hyperbole, that this is 2020's most exciting local show thus far. Do not sleep on this impending release or upcoming show.





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