• Daniel de Jongh

DISCIPLINE MAG to the people: support artists/go to shows/buy merch

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The black plague of the 21st century is upon us. With the very recent trauma of the bushfires somewhat behind us, the next catalyst for mass-panic has quickly surfaced, all delightfully within the same quarter. With city-slickers relatively unscathed financially from previous events, coronavirus is working hard to settle that playing field. The gig economy is trembling, schools are shutting, offices are quarantining and hospitality patronage is dismal. But no matter how bad things get, everybody needs art.

Within these spectrums of affected groups, musicians, bands and tours have been hit especially hard. Dark Mofo 2020 is cancelled, the sizeable yet questionable Download Festival is cancelled and even Melbourne post-industrialists Kollaps have found themselves in the middle of a geographical nightmare in Italy. In short, this is costing artists mega bucks, and having a major knock-on effect for anyone who's passionate about music. As this isolated island struggles at the best of times to bring artists of substance to its shores, isolating itself further is the last thing that's needed.

So, what can be done?

According to official channels, gatherings of more than 500 people are discouraged. Thankfully, if you're adventurous enough to live outside that horrifying box of convention, then it's more than likely that attendance will fall short of this figure anyway. It cannot be stressed enough: Keep going to shows! Especially local ones, or smaller, touring bands'. When you're there, hit the merch desk. Buying stuff from the merch desk is not only a chance to get difficult to find rarities and sweet new clothes, but it's one of the only ways to properly support artists. The financial woes of the musician have been well-documented, even before coronavirus, but it's more imperative than ever to throw some bucks at some music.

Don't dig shows? Got coronavirus?

Internet shopping is also loads of fun.

Below is a small list of shows, record shops and labels worth supporting in the Melbourne area and beyond. Support what you care about!

Shows (Melbourne)

Diocletian + many more @ The Evelyn Hotel Saturday 04/04/2020 tickets here

Rome @ The Evelyn Hotel Friday 22/05/2020 tickets here

Ashbel + Muddy Lawrence + DFFDL @ The Tote Tuesday 24/03/2020

Record Shops (Melbourne)

Round and Round 556 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Searchers 93 Smith St, Fitzroy

Lulu's (New Location) 905 High St, Thornbury

Labels (International)

Hospital Productions


No Rent Records

*While this has been written from a local perspective, the sentiment is intended to be universally applicable. Don't let good art suffer during this difficult time.

**Feel free to contact Discipline Mag with record shops, shows, labels etc to add to the list.